The Training Solution For Total Security
Global Security & Retrieval will create a custom training program to meet the specific requirements to secure your company’s assets and protect your personnel. Our Team's develop these programs to educate your staff on pro-active problem solving and technical equipment proficiency. Our main goal is to empower individuals, small groups, and your organization as a whole to find the solutions to short and long term issues of every concern. We have the ability to provide training for intelligence gathering, weapons expertise, surveillance and logistics to name just some of the areas. Of course Global Security & Retrieval can access all the technical support your company will need to implement your specific program. If you have personnel in remote locations, we can provide onsite support and training as well. Our Team's will create a "redundant" program scaled to each site, allowing those in the remote location to receive the same high standard of training. We have the equipment and expertise to provide "virtual" support and training with an onsite Team for follow up. This particular training model has proven to be very successful when working in high risk environments such as Iraq, Mexico, and Afghanistan
We Train To Meet A Wide Spectrum Of Requirements:
  • Counterterrorism
  • Basic and Advanced Firearms Training
  • Canine Training and Operations
  • Tactical Driving and Executive Protection
  • “Train the Trainer” Programs
For The Health Of Your Company & Personnel
Global Security & Retrieval recognizes the need for quality medical personnel and training, on the ground. Regardless if it is an “on the job” accident or a gunshot wound, we have the resources to handle it. Our medical professional’s can be placed on the ground, on call, or available via a virtual interface. Nothing is more important than the health and well being of your company’s people. 

We can provide: 

On Site Triage, Clinical, and Surgical Stations
Life/Med Flight
Medical Training For Company Personnel
Military Trained Medics and Corpsmen

Global Security & Retrieval

“Providing timely solutions to complex scenarios”.
Language and Technology Training
Global Security & Retrieval offers the most up to date and time proven methods of  English language arts.  We provide both basic and advanced courses of the English language as well as Translator and Interpreter Training to keep your management or staff in top condition to perform to todays standards. 
Global Security & Retrieval Deploys some of the worlds leading technology and staff to train your employees and get them up to speed on the latest software and systems available today. We have full computer certification training available for operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp, Linux, and also server environments.