For The Health Of Your Company & Personnel
Global Security & Retrieval recognizes the need for quality medical personnel and training, on the ground. Regardless if it is an “on the job” accident or a gunshot wound, we have the resources to handle it. Our medical professional’s can be placed on the ground, on call, or available via a virtual interface. Nothing is more important than the health and well being of your company’s people. We can provide:

On-Site Triage, Clinical and Surgical Stations

Life/Med Flight

Medical Training For Company Personnel

Military Trained Medics And Corpsmen

Sanitation And Wellness Programs
When your employee’s are located overseas and in remote locations, overall health is a concern. At Global Security & Retrieval we recognize the need to establish a “healthy” work and living environment. Our focus is on  Western standards for sanitation, food stuffs, even exercise programs. We have implemented and trained support staff in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan and other countries to keep everyone healthy and  in good physical condition. We have had outstanding results when it comes to preventing sick days and down time on projects all over the world.
The Golden Hour
When an injury or serious illness occurs , the most critical time is the first sixty minutes. Medical professionals refer to this as “The Golden Hour”, when lives are either lost or saved. Our medical staff  focuses  their training on  the importance of this time. We equip our  personnel with the technology, transportation, and facilities to  provide for a positive outcome. 
Global Security & Retrieval

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