Global Security & Retrieval
Throughout history, the maritime industry and its growth has faced numerous challenges both natural and man-made. Piracy has existed for as long as we have written records, and there is no indication that it is ever going away.

Global Security & Retrieval operatives maintain the ability to completely establish and run day-to-day security and logistical operations for any size job - vetting, training, scheduling, and retention from any standpoint for any duration.

We offer undeterred passageway from embark to disembark.

Global Security & Retrieval offers support of your operations and we're adaptable to our clients' specific needs and budgets. 

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Global Security & Retrieval can support all facets of maritime security, and vessel operations. Our team has the ability to provide integrated, risk based security and resources for your company’s international maritime needs. We have experienced and highly trained personnel to assess, educate, and protect your assets worldwide in any situation. Our teams are comprised of the highest quality and experienced operatives anywhere, including:

Former Navy Special Warfare Operators (SEALS)
Security Infrastructure Intrusion Experts
Research And Education Consultants
Marine Safety Specialists
“Providing timely solutions to complex scenarios”.