Risk And Site Assessment
Global Security & Retrieval has the expertise and background to provide your company with an “on the ground” comprehensive, vulnerability assessment and site survey. Before we arrive on site, our security and technical team will have reviewed satellite images, government risk and policy analysis, as well as gathering information from non-conventional intelligence and security sources. Some of the areas often overlooked, but are included in our Assessments are:

-Providing Life Support

-Kidnap Recovery

-Self-Supporting, Remote Area Logistics

-VIP Security

-Local government and population interface 

"Our experienced operatives have been deployed worldwide, on a moments notice”. 
Risk assessment has been advocated as a principle means of
improving the safety and security of your personnel, property, and facilities. Global Security & Retrieval has developed Composite Risk Management Programs that are designed to be utilized by all those concerned. We will assess the likelihood and consequences of potential hazards before making
strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Our program advocates risk assessment to guide both tactical planning and the force required for all areas of protection. It can be difficult to apply civilian risk assessment techniques to counter insurgency operations. For that reason Global Security & Retrieval relies on our years of experience working with military, intelligence, and anti-terrorist organizations from around the world.

Information Is the Key
We are in a constant process of gathering and utilizing information on any activity that would have an effect on your company. Identifying the threats as well as potential problems, allow Global Security & Retrieval to more effectively protect your assets. While the term “intelligence gathering” is identifed with everything from satellites to the informants, we maintain a different policy. Our policy is that our staff must have the technical expertise to gather quality information. Our field operatives are given the resourses to establish quality information on-site. Now we can respond to that information immediately by the operative’s in the field. We have found great success in countries all over the world by combining sophisticated gathering techniques with information obtained from the professional on the scene.
Global Security & Retrieval

“Providing timely solutions to complex scenarios”.