“With dedicated air assets, we are able to rapidly deploy our security and rescue teams worldwide.” 
Air Assets  And Capabilities
At Global Security & Retrieval we  have rotary and fixed wing aircraft pilots on staff. We are able to arrive on site with our dedicated air assets. Our team has the ability to deploy worldwide in any situation. Whether we are providing your company with cargo  service or personnel evacuation, Global Security & Retrieval can provide the capability that is needed, including:

-Force Protection and Evacuation
-Life Flight and Medical Flight
-Disaster Response
-International Pre-Positioning of Equipment and Assets
-Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering
No Substitute For Skill And Experience 
Whether the need for air support is search and rescue or aerial photography, you want the best. From our pilots to our support personnel we provide a level of skill and experience that is top flight. We have flown missions under hostile gunfire and navigated rescue helicopters in blizzards. Every team member has hundreds of hours  of experience in any configuration of aircraft. We integrate our personnel from skill set to skill set to work together. Our pilots  train with our ground operatives and our medical teams. Our ground support crews partner with our technical people. And our trainers are able to educate and partner with your  employees for a  complete team.
Support And Training Is The Solution
Global Security & Retrieval offers maintenance ground crews that can be placed at your remote locations. Through our parent company, ACM Worldwide we will construct either temporary or permanent facilities for any air asset you may require. Our training cadre' offers self-defense training programs for air crews as well. Beyond our ground support crews Global Security & Retrieval can provide air traffic controllers, navigation and weather experts, and communications technicians. Regardless of the need, our inventory of assets range from rotary wing aircraft to fixed winged aircraft of virtually any size and engine type.   
Global Security & Retrieval

“Providing timely solutions to complex scenarios”.