Global Security & Retrieval
Background And Experience 

Founded in 2001 by a former U.S. Navy Seal, we have years
of experience in providing security and protection around
the world. We are a privately owned, Service Disabled
 Veteran Owned business. Our experts have worked with
 numerous organizations to provide innovative “private
 sector” solutions for government and non government 
clients alike. 

We specialize in providing:
Men on the Ground  Training
Airlift CapabilityLife and Medical Support
Maritime AssetsRisk and Site Assessment

Who We Are....
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Safety and Security In A Hostile Place
The challenges facing your personnel are magnified once the company or individual sets foot on foreign soil. Whether it is Mexico, the Middle East, or Africa these locales have become very dangerous places for U.S. companies, and their people. Kidnapping for ransom, NARCO terrorism, blood diamonds, and civil unrest head the list of security challenges your company will face. Virtually every criminal activity has a violent underlying theme. How do you protect your property, assets and personnel in that environment?
Global Security & Retrieval has a proven model that provides protection, training, technology, and resources to meet your company’s security needs.
Global Protective Services
Global Marine
Global Development Group
TGlobal Technology
Obelisk Media

Assessment, Adaptation, and Deployment
Global Security & Retrieval understands that your company’s security will be an important factor in determining the positive outcome of its projects. When committing to such projects on foreign soil, you cannot always rely on that country’s government for safety and security. You can rely on our expertise, training, operators, and assets to provide that important piece for a successful outcome. 
Your Security Translates To Success
“Providing timely solutions to complex scenarios”.